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$100 to spend at Prohibition Smokehouse in Dunedin


Enjoy a $100 voucher to spend at Prohibition Smokehouse. Situated in Dunedin’s heart, The Octagon, Prohibition Smokehouse serves southern style BBQ hot off the grill. Centred around dry aging meat lockers their menu couples prime cuts with the region’s finest fresh produce, creating extraordinary dishes.

Unwind and indulge in a range of curious cocktail delights. Or, if you're dining, ask their staff to help you pair the perfect drop to your meal. 

Redeemable with 800 Foley Points.

This voucher will be emailed to you within 48 hours and can be redeemed at the Prohibition Smokehouse or Vault 21. Prohibition Smokehouse Vouchers are non-refundable and must be used in full. This voucher expires a certain number of months after issue. They may only be used for purchases at Prohibition Smokehouse and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.