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Unbox this highly regarded label at a fraction of the retail price.

Each month we want to bring you the opportunity to experience a top-end wine from our collection of iconic wineries at a fraction of the normal retail price. Only very limited quantities will be made available. 

Retailers won’t want these exceptional wines seen at these prices, so we’ll be keeping the labels of these beautifully handcrafted wines hidden for you to discover. But you’ll be delighted when you unbox the highly regarded labels we’ll be featuring!

This month, a Pinot Noir from Martinborough…

 Mystery Wine – 6 bottles

An award-winning Pinot Noir that captures the elegant fruit, spice and savoury complexity that are the hallmarks of New Zealand’s original Pinot Noir region.

Highly decorated – we can’t tell you which awards this wine has won without giving it away! But we can say that judges and wine lovers alike are in agreement that this is a top quality drop.

Only 50 cases available. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to experience this top end wine.