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Foley Rewards Terms and Conditions


  1. The Foley Wine Club Rewards Programme (known as, "Foley Rewards") is powered by Marsello. Foley Points can only be earned through or on cases of wine purchased at The Runholder cellar door or Mt Difficulty cellar door. Restaurant and bar purchases, or single bottle retail purchases do not earn Foley Points. Purchases of vouchers online or at our cellar doors also do not earn Foley Points. Foley Points can only be redeemed through
  1. By signing up to The Foley Wine Club you agree to earn Foley Points and receive communications from The Foley Wine Club via Marsello. Per our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the information you provide will be used only to communicate promotional news and offers and deliver the benefits of The Foley Wine Club and the Foley Rewards programme.
  2. Users can sign up to The Foley Wine Club by creating n online account on or by signing up in person at The Runholder cellar door or Mt Difficulty cellar door. Members must be logged in to their online account or advise their email address at our cellar doors in order to earn Foley Points. An online account is required to redeem Foley Points within the Foley Rewards programme.
  3. Users who do not wish to become a Member may still make purchases as a guest on the Foley Wine Club website and sign up to receive email communication from The Foley Wine Club. Users will earn points for guest purchases but will not be eligible to redeem rewards in the Rewards programme until an online account is created.
  4. All dollar values throughout the Foley Wine Club website are NZD.
  5. One Foley Point will be applied to a user’s account for every $1 spent on the Foley Wine Club website or on cases of wine at The Runholder Cellar Door or Mt Difficulty Cellar Door. For example a purchase of $117 will result in 117 Points being added to the Member’s account. Foley Wines may make reasonable adjustments to how Points are earned from time to time.
  6. Points earned against products will be reversed in the case that those products are returned or refunded.
  7. Members who meet the eligible criteria are entitled to spend the Foley Points they have earned to redeem the rewards advertised on the Foley Wine Club website once their Points balance reaches 400 Foley Points.
  8. The Rewards available and the value of those rewards may change from time to time.
  9. The redemption value of Points is calculated at 12.5% of spend. I.e. spend of $400 generate 400 Foley Points and these points can be redeemed for rewards with a value of $50. The value of a reward is determined by the Reward supplier. 
  10. Foley Points cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or other good outside of the benefits offered within the Foley Rewards programme as presented on Foley Wine Club website and related communications.
  11. Points can only be converted to rewards at the set rate of Points required by each reward. Foley Points balances will not be converted to cash and change will not be given.
  12. Foley Points earned will expire 2 years from the day they are earned or 2 years from the day of the member’s last points transaction (earnt or spent), whichever is the latter.
  13. Reward codes are valid for 60 days and can only be used once. If you redeem your reward code online for a purchase less than the full value of the reward, the balance of the reward is not redeemable on another purchase.
  14. Reward codes only apply on online Foley Wine Club orders towards the purchase of wine, gin, experience or retail vouchers (which will have their own expiry date).
  15. Reward codes are not to be used in conjunction with any other discount code.
  16. If you return any of the items purchased with a reward code, the reward value will be subtracted from the return credit.
  17. The Foley Wine Club reserves the right to modify or cancel reward codes at any time.
  18. Experience or retail vouchers will not be shipped outside of New Zealand and the physical fulfilment of products purchased with rewards is only available to New Zealand addresses unless otherwise specified. Specific terms and conditions apply to each experience or retail voucher and these are determined by the voucher supplier. Foley Wines is not liable for any issues that may arise in relation to voucher supplier terms and conditions.
  19. 100 bonus Foley Points will be applied to each new, unique user’s account on the Foley Wine Club as a reward for signing up and are only applied once during account member's lifetime. 
  20. Foley Wines reserves the right to convert Foley Points into a dollar value at the rate of 12.5% to enable us to improve the rewards programme in the future. Points are not redeemable for cash.